Owned by Indigenous Gitxsan Artist, Shar Wilson

Butterfly Rainbow YC
Butterfly Rainbow YC
Butterfly Rainbow YC

Butterfly Rainbow YC

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The butterfly teaches us trust, resilience, and honour. It trusts its destiny and goes forward knowing that there is an unknown in its' life. It is resilient as it accepts and adapts to change as it happens around it and to it. It honours its' destiny by emerging from the safety of it's cocoon after going through life changes and being beautiful. 

Two Spirited humans are recognized in our culture. They were once seen as carrying special powers as they share the perspective of two. The arrival of colonizers changed that perspective and taught us that having two Spirits was wrong and a sin.

I have many Two Spirited humans in my family and friend circle and I do love their unique perspective and love them even more so. I created this rainbow butterfly to show that love to them.