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April 2019 Contest

Hello! How exciting is this contest? For me, very much so. I also know that my judges are very excited about the submissions and your creativity! 

The contest is pretty simple. You simply take a selfie with your tee on. We are encouraging you to take selfies while at cultural events, or doing good deed, or participating in sports. We are also asking you to tag @finawear and use the hashtags #finawear, #(yournation), and #(yourfavouriteinspiration) <-whether that is a star or a singer is up to you, they only need to have a handle too. 

This contest will run until the end of May and the winner will be announced on May 31, 2019 730PM pst. 

The tees are free and if you are in Victoria, pop me a message via facebook, or twitter, or instagram and I will let you know where you can pick one up. If you don't live in Victoria, no worries, I will send one to you for $10 (shipping and handling). You only need to let me know your size. I will send you your size, you do not have a choice on colour, that adds to your creativity! 

Ways to split the costs: 

1. Go in with a few of your friends, split shipping. 1 tee = $10, 2 tees = $10, 3-5 tees = $15. 6+ tees will depend on the + :). 

2. Ask your youth worker or band office to get a few sent to you. They can message me and we can go from there. My email is 

3. If you are a Finawear customer already, bam, no problem. Use the gear you have already purchased from me! 

If you are underaged, you must have permission. You cannot take pics of youth unless you are the mama/papa/parent - no exceptions. 

Let's have fun with this! Let's get out and start exercising! Let's FINAWEAR!

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